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The world’s pet care favourite – the Handiscoop Pooper Scooper is lightweight, portable and works on any surface, with or without a poop scoop bag. Cleaning up dog mess has never been easier!

The revolutionary tool that cleans up any dog mess, wherever you are.

If you have to clean up dog mess, as a dog owner or local authority, the Handiscoop Pooper Scooper is an easy to use, portable, and hygienic option.

Available in 2 sizes, the longer length prevents bending down and is ideal for regular use; the shorter is a compact version, perfect for maintaining that distance from the dog litter, whilst still being carry-size.

Both lengths can also be used with or without poop scoop bags!

Key features:

  • The 81cm (32”) length prevents the need for bending down to pick up dog mess; the 40cm (16") is compact and carry size, you can take it with you wherever you are!
  • It doesn’t matter what surface you are picking up the mess from – sand, gravel, grass – it works a treat anywhere.
  • Can be used with or without poop scoop bags! Handiscoop Pooper Scooper Bags are biodegradable to reduce the impact on landfill, and scented to eliminate nasty odours

For more information, visit the Handiscoop Pooper Scooper Product Page.

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