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Especially designed for children and bringing litterpicking to life, the Graptor litterpicker has dinosaur, or Raptor, imagery as part of the design.

Not only making environmental clean-ups fun, the Graptor is child-sized length to make the activity safer, as too long or too short can be awkward, making litterpicking a harder pasttime which in turn may encourage children to pick things up with their hands. So give them a Graptor!

Making things even easier, the ‘teeth’ on the Graptor jaws are tailored to pick up litter as quickly as possible, and the bright colour helps the child see the litter. The comfortable handle also provides the child with a secure grip on the litterpicker. Kids love using the Graptor®: litter picking becomes an exciting outdoor learning exercise, and they want to do it again and again!

Key features

  • 68cm (27”) length for ease and safety of use
  • Vivid bright design especially to capture the children’s imagination
  • Also available as part of a larger Kids Kit! (click below for more detail!)
  • Personalisation service available

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Buying for you school or for an particular event? Please contact our Sales Team on 01531 635678 for the best price available. Buy direct from the manufacturer and save money!


"Great quality products, community groups love the ranger and the handihoop, and kids think the graptor is wicked!" EAST NORTHAMPTONSHIRE COUNCIL

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