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The Litterpicker range is tough, dependable and the world’s #1 selling litter clearance hand tool.

Originating back to the 1950’s, the Litterpicker has evolved over the years to become what it is today – comfortable, effective pick-up, easy to use whatever the weather or environment.

Now with reflective properties, you can be seen in poor light, ensuring you are safer whether by the roadside or not.

There are several lengths for different applications; look at the Litterpicker Usage Guide below or explore the different types on this page.

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Usage Guide

Situational GuideType of User
LengthMain UseStandard LitterpickingAdultChildRoadside LitterpickingSit-on MowerJanitorialAwkward Litter High or Low
Litterpicker85cm, 32”The original litterpickerYYYY 
Litterpicker Extra93cm, 37”For taller operativesYYYY 
Litterpicker Long127cm, 50”Hedges, borders, sit-on mowerYY YY
Litterpicker Safe45cm, 18”Precision with hazardous objects Y  Y
Litterpicker XL180cm, 6’Waterways, high up in trees Y  Y Y 
Litterpicker XXL250cm, 8’Waterways, high up in trees Y    Y
Graptor Litterpicker68cm, 27”Children’s clean up activityYY   
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