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Our Environmental Education Products, designed for the 'Eco Classroom', have been inspired by pupils, teachers, education officers, and community groups.

  • Partnerships

Through understanding the challenges involved in raising awareness of the importance of protecting our local neighbourhoods and limited natural resources, whilst working with all available stakeholders to combat environmental crime, the useful solutions offered by the Eco Classroom products ensure the efforts invested are as effective as possible.

  • Indoors and out

Tackling the environment in the indoor or outdoor Eco Classroom, there are practical packs for teachers and pupils to really get some Graptor teeth into, whether its lesson plans, pupil litterpickers, getting parents involved, or community initiatives. We can also tailor environmental products to the school or local authority as we understand the value of personalised packages.

  • A little help from our friends...

Pupils and children around the world have the additional help of our friends, the Eco Angel Picker Lilly and Neville the Eco Devil, who feature in our Eco Schoolbook and throughout this website. Click here to go to their Profile Pages!
If you have any feedback or suggestions, whether product or campaign related, we would love to hear from you.

Q & A

Can I personalise my Eco Schoolbook?
Yes. There is a section available for you to put your own information into, and we will professionally print it for you.

Can I download the games and puzzles to use in the classroom?
Yes. There are electronic copies included in the Eco Schoolbook pack; you can then print off as many as your class require, or put the files up on the classroom smartboard. We have ensured they have no Best Before date, so you can use them again and again!

Can I receive a hardcopy and electronic version of the Eco Schoolbook?
Yes. As standard the pack is bound in a green folder, and it comes with a CD for you to be able to share the files with other teachers and pupils.

What age is the Eco Schoolbook aimed at?
The Eco Schoolbook has lesson plans for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils, or if you're based in Scotland, P1-P7. However, the games, puzzles, activities and ideas are wide-scoping and can be used as the teacher or pupils deem fit.

I am a school. Do I receive a standard 30 day invoice account?
Yes. All schools automatically receive a standard 30 day invoice account. If you require further information, please contact us on 01531 635678.

What programmes does the Eco Schoolbook help towards?
The Eco Schoolbook has been designed to support Eco Schools, no matter which award the school currently has, as well as helping out with schools' own environmental initiatives. The pack offers ideas and activities involving the whole school and local community. If you are a local authority, the pack can also be tailored to support your local programme, even including your own design and text. For more information go to Eco Schoolbook on this site, email us at, or call us on 01531 635678.

I am a local authority. How are the Environmental Education products useful to me?
Clean ups: our Kids Kits are everything you would need to provide children with litterpicking equipment, staying safe whilst having fun! If you require individual products such as the Graptor litterpickers or the Kids Rigger Gloves, then these can be sold separately.
Educational campaign: the Eco Schoolbook can be tailored to your campaign so you can provide schools with lesson plans, activities and background information that links in with everything you can offer them.
We also support local authorities in competitions and programmes so please do get in touch.

How does the Eco Schoolbook fit in with curriculum links?
Key Stage 1 and 2, or Scottish P1-P7, lesson plans are included in this pack, covering all the National Curriculum subjects and references. Clear to use, teachers all around the country are implementing the activities – we’ve just done the homework.

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