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Once upon a time, far far away, unfortunately Litter was born. Litter grew from generation to generation, as natural resources were converted into man-made materials which became increasingly available through the developments in global transport. Children across the land became increasingly concerned with battling against litter, which harmed animals and their habitats and defaced the local neighbourhoods.

From this crusade appeared two curious creatures; the first was winged, dressed in green and with a golden halo, who was to become as we all know and love today, the Eco Angel...Picker-Lilly. The other, red and tarnished with the devilish guilt of being environmentally unfriendly, the type we all try and educate to encourage them out of their harmful ways, was Neville...the Eco Devil.

Before it’s too late, Neville and Picker-Lilly now help children across the world understand the damaging effects of discarding litter on the floor or failing to recycle which would leave scattered rubbish and landfill as far as the eye could see.

Picker Lilly's Profile Page

  • Name: Picker Lilly
  • Occupation: Eco Angel
  • Birthday: June 5th, World Environment Day
  • Based: Eco Heaven
  • Company: Freelance, based in schools
  • Likes: litterpickers, reducing reusing and recycling, saving energy, growing vegetables, collecting rainwater, conserving natural resources, planting trees, playing eco-games, reading Newslitters, supporting local businesses, riding bicycles, campaigning for wind turbines, helping others, and being green.
  • Dislikes: littering, throwing recyclable items in the bin, leaving lights on in an unused room, letting the tap run unnecessarily, allowing electronics to remain on or on stand-by needlessly, not buying local produce, making avoidable journeys in the car, discarding unessential consumables, being selfish, and ignoring environmental concerns.

Neville's Profile Page

  • Name: Neville
  • Occupation: Eco Devil
  • Birthday: Too eco-evil to have one
  • Based: amongst the litter
  • Company: freelance
  • Likes: throwing litter on the ground so animals and nature suffers, not recycling so landfill fills up and up and we will all be living surrounded by smelly rubbish, wasting energy expensively and using up our world’s resources so we will have nothing left, travelling in motorised vehicles and polluting the environment without needing to, using things once and then throwing them away, thinking only of himself, and treating the environment badly.

This page is just a snapshot of how Picker-Lilly and Neville help schools in their environmental campaigns. To find out more, click here to go to the Eco Schoolbook pages.

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