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Whether a school, local authority or community group, many of us are committed to promoting environmental awareness in today’s society for our world tomorrow.

If you are working towards Eco Schools or your own local initiative, browse through this section to find news and helpful hints and tips. We have equipment for schools undertaking clean-up campaigns, schoolbooks for integrating the environment across the primary curriculum, and free campaign support from Eco Star badges to poster competitions!


Visit our School Tidy Up pages for our complete clean-up support available, no matter what group size.


We often feature schools and campaigns in our News section of this website, so have a good read and let us know if you have something you'd like us to feature!


Visit our Eco Schoolbook page to see how you could integrate the environment into lessons and other areas of school life.

A little help from our friends...

There are two characters who help children associate with and learn about the environment, Picker-Lilly the Eco Angel, and Neville the Eco Devil.

Picker-Lilly and Neville are featured throughout the interactive tools and schoolbooks.

Picker-Lilly, as seen on the left, provides pupils with ideas and support in their efforts to preserve and protect the planet, and is always trying to educate Neville the Eco Devil away from his bad eco ways such as dropping litter or not recycling.

Click here to read their story, and join in their crusade!


To achieve environmental goals by running successful and sustainable clean-up campaigns, we unquestionably need the appropriate funding to make it all happen.

There are many funding routes already available, and new grants are frequently released. You will find that even though there are various funding titles and sources - through charitable trusts, lottery or local government for example - many can be applicable to clean-up campaigns. Good news for everyone!

It’s knowing where to find such grants, as well as how to apply for them, that can be the tricky part – and that’s where we come in!

Running a clean-up campaign and need that extra bit of money to make it as successful as possible?
Contact our Environment Team, they would be happy to help and point you in the right direction, or visit our Previous Environmental Funding News article for ideas!

If you have any questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page on this site, or call us on 01531 635678, we'd be happy to help.

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