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Working together to promote environmental care within the younger generation is something we value extremely highly.

The Helping Hand Company contributes to school projects and community education campaigns – large and small – across the world. From joining the groups when out litterpicking to sponsoring eco-competitions, our team are proactive in getting involved, and are not wary of getting their hands dirty!

Our team also works with local authority departments - Street Cleansing, Recycling, Parks and Open Spaces, Neighbourhood Wardens, Community Liaison, Education, Regeneration, or Sustainable Development. Many are tasked up to support schools in achieving their environmental targets, and motivating the younger generation to get involved in eco-campaigns. If you are a local authority and have a programme that we can support, or if you are a school and would like to know about any extra help available, we would love to hear from you. Click here to contact us.

You can also see our News section for previous campaigns!


The below equipment can all be ordered through our sales team at Head Office. Your options for placing an order are as follows, but if you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us, we're here to help!

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Tidy Schools Kit

Code: HA7020VG-EEF

Implementing an environmental education programme should not just be confined to the outdoors. Because so many schools are targeted to achieve sustainability and environmental levels, the Tidy Schools Kit has been designed to tick all the boxes, indoor and out, in a one-stop shop solution.

Not only does this contain the Kids Group Exercise Kit - a kit for up to 10 children, but it also includes the Eco Schoolbook, a pack filled with lesson plans, teacher resources and pupil exercise sheets, all based on the environmental theme and helping schools become sustainable.

Key Features:

  • Contains the Kids Group Exercise Kit for up to 10 children and the Eco Schoolbook
  • Helps schools work towards Eco Schools and own school initiatives
  • Useful in the indoor and outdoor learning environments

We cater for all sizes and types of clean up groups, click here for all your school clean up options.

Tidy Schools Kit Product Pages

Kids Kit

Code: LP1010VG

Designed for one child, this Kit contains:

  • Graptor litterpicker – ideal child-size for safe retrieval of litter and a dinosaur pattern to make it more fun to use
  • Child’s size High Visibility Vest – keeping them more visible and safer when out and about
  • Child’s size Kids Rigger Gloves -hardwearing to protect hands use after use
  • All packed in a handy Red Kit Bag. The kit bag is especially useful to store all the equipment between litterpicks, keeping the tools clean and tidy, and is often seen on a school peg!

Personalisation of the Kids Kit is also available on the high visibility vest and kit bag, promoting school or community campaigns.

Key features

  • All a child needs to go litterpicking – funky Graptor litterpicker, child’s size Kids Hi-Vis Vest and Kids Rigger Gloves, and all in a bright Red Kit Bag
  • Suggested age range 5-11 (larger sizes available on request)
  • Can be personalised with the school or community campaign message

Kids Kit Product Pages

Graptor Litterpicker

Code: LP1010

Especially designed for children and bringing litterpicking to life, the Graptor litterpicker has dinosaur, or Raptor, imagery as part of the design.

Not only making environmental clean-ups fun, the Graptor is child-sized length to make the activity safer, as too long or too short can be awkward, making litterpicking a harder pasttime which in turn may encourage children to pick things up with their hands. So give them a Graptor!

Kids love using the Graptor: litter picking becomes an exciting outdoor learning exercise, and they want to do it again and again!

Key features:

  • 68cm (27”) length for ease and safety of use
  • Vivid bright design especially to capture the children’s imagination
  • Also available as part of a larger Kids Kit! (click below for more detail!)

Graptor Product Pages

Eco Schoolbook

Code: HB2080

Involving pupils, parents, local community and teachers, the Eco Schoolbook includes lesson plans, sustainability-themed activites and campaigns involving the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle methodology.

Available in hardcopy as well as electronic, schools use the schoolbook as a basis for Eco Committee’s to run various campaigns, to implement themes in a cross-curricula manner, as an activity book to support existing themes within the school curriculum, and as an idea source for teacher’s to use to hit targets within award schemes and government legislation.

The pack can also be tailored to support local authorities in encouraging schools in their region to become environmentally and sustainably proactive. Contact us for more information on 01531 635678 or through our Online Enquiry page of this website.

Key features:

  • Lesson plans, pupil puzzle sheets, teacher support tools, activity sheets, and much more!
  • Links in with English Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum or Scottish Curriculum P1-P7, Eco Schools, and the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach.
  • Can be tailored for local authorities to the geographical region in which they operate

Eco Schoolbook Product Pages

Teacher's Litterpicker

Code: LP1020

The standard most popular length, the Litterpicker is our longest standing product, and it is easy to see why so many people have it as their tool of choice for any type of litterpicking, from daily to occasional use.

Local authorities, volunteers and schools use the Litterpicker across the UK to tidy up local neighbourhoods - it's so easy to use, it makes cleaning up very manageable!

Key Features:

  • The 85cm (33”) length is designed with the optimum distance in mind for an adult to pick up litter off the floor, preventing any over-stretching or bending
  • It has a comfy handle to support the user no matter how long they are litterpicking for
  • Bright reflective features ensure being seen as much as possible and highlights the litter being picked up, which is particularly beneficial in poor light

Litterpicker Product Pages

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